Topics for the first few lectures

The lectures were based on the following papers:
1. A data structure for dynamic trees by Sleator and Tarjan 1982,
2. Lecture on dynamic graph connectivity by Virginia V. Williams
3. Data Structures for On-Line Updating of Minimum Spanning Trees, with Applications by Frederickson 1984,,%20with%20Applications.pdf
4. Dynamic Transtive Closure via Dynamic Matrix Inverse by Sankowski 2004,
5. Subquadratic Algorithm for Dynamic Shortest Distances by Sankowski 2005, http:///chapter/10.1007%2F11533719_47
6. A New Approach to Dynamic All Pairs Shortest Paths by Demetrescu and Italiano 2003,
7. Fully-Dynamic All-Pairs Shortest Paths: Faster and Allowing Negative Cycles by Thorup 2004,