International Conference on

Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

The TLCA series of conferences served as a forum for presenting original research results broadly relevant to the theory and applications of typed calculi. The conference was bi-annual and was held in spring, every odd calendar year. Since 2003 TLCA was a part of the Federated Conference on Rewriting, Deduction and Programming (RDP).

TLCA is now over

It is replaced by FSCD

We are looking forward to FSCD 2016 in Porto


The Declaration of FSCD
approved by RDP'15 participants
(Pdf version with FSCD Rules)


The Google Group Future of TLCA is addressed to everyone interested in the future of the conference. Please take part in the discussion.

Scope of the conference
Steering Committee
TLCA List of Open Problems
Predecessors of TLCA
Past meetings
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Scope of the conference

Typical areas include, but are not limited to:

• Proof-theory:  natural deduction, sequent calculi, cut elimination and normalization, propositions as types, linear logic and proof nets, type-theoretic aspects of computational complexity.
• Semantics:  denotational semantics, game semantics, realisability, do- main theory, categorical models.
• Types:  subtypes, dependent types, polymorphism, intersection types and related approaches, type inference and type checking, types in program analysis and verification, types in proof assistants, homotopy type theory.
• Programming:  foundational aspects of functional programming, object- oriented programming and other programming paradigms, flow analysis of higher-type computation, program equivalence, program transformation and optimization

Steering Committee

Sandra Alves, Porto
Steve Awodey, Pittsburgh
Pierre-Louis Curien, Paris
Ugo Dal Lago, Bologna
Gilles Dowek, Paris
Masahito Hasegawa, Kyoto
Hugo Herbelin, Paris
Martin Hofmann, Munich
Luke Ong, Oxford
Michele Pagani, Paris
Jens Palsberg, Los Angeles
Jakob Rehof , Dortmund
Paweł Urzyczyn, Warsaw, chair
Philip Wadler, Edinburgh

Honorary Advisors

Samson Abramsky, Oxford
Henk Barendregt, Nijmegen
Mariangiola Dezani, Torino
Roger Hindley, Swansea
Simona Ronchi Della Rocca, Torino

Publicity Chair

Luca Paolini, Torino

TLCA List of Open Problems:

The TLCA List of Open Problems (modeled after RTA LOOP) aims at collecting unresolved questions (and other relevant information, e.g. about solutions and related results) in the subject areas of TLCA. Go to the URL

The present list of open problems has noble predecessors. The first list of problems in lambda-calculus was collected by Henk Barendregt in 1975. It was published in the book:

λ-Calculus and Computer Science Theory, LNCS 37.

Another was created at the occasion of the Swansea lambda-calculus meeting in 1979, and published in

Bull. EATCS 10, 1980, 136--140.

At a meeting of the Gentzen project in 1993 (a setellite event of the first TLCA) another list was circulated.
Here is a scan of this document.

Predecessors of TLCA

Here is an article "Lambda-Calculus Conferences in the 1970s" by Roger Hindley.
See also the Swansea 1979 photograph and its key to names.

Past meetings

1993: Utrecht, The Netherlands,
1995: Edinburgh, Scotland,
1997: Nancy, France,
1999: L'Aquila, Italy,
2001: Kraków, Poland,
2003: Valencia, Spain,
2005: Nara, Japan,
2007: Paris, France,
2009: Brasilia, Brazil,
2011: Novi Sad, Serbia,
2013: Eindhoven, The Netherlands,
2014: Vienna, Austria (joint conference with RTA),
2015: Warsaw, Poland.


The Proceedings of TLCA conferences were until 2014 published in the LNCS series of Springer-Verlag:

1993 (Utrecht)         --- LNCS  664 (M. Bezem, J.F. Groote, Eds.)
1995 (Edinburgh)    --- LNCS  902 (M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, G. Plotkin, Eds.)
1997 (Nancy)            --- LNCS 1210 (P. de Groote, J.R. Hindley, Eds.)
1999 (L'Aquila)         --- LNCS 1581 (J.-Y. Girard, Ed.)
2001 (Krakow)          --- LNCS 2044 (S.Abramsky, Ed.)
2003 (Valencia)        --- LNCS 2701 (M. Hofmann, Ed.)
2005 (Nara)              --- LNCS 3461 (P. Urzyczyn, Ed.)
2007 (Paris)              --- LNCS 4583 (S. Ronchi Della Rocca, Ed.)
2009 (Brasilia)          --- LNCS 5608 (P.-L. Curien, Ed.)
2011 (Novi Sad)        --- LNCS 6690, ARCoSS, (Luke Ong, Ed.)
2013 (Eindhoven)     --- LNCS 7941, ARCoSS, (Masahito Hasegawa, Ed.)
2014 (Vienna)           --- LNCS 8560, ARCoSS, (Gilles Dowek, Ed.)

The 2015 Proceedings are published by Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik:

2015 (Warsaw) LIPIcs 38 (T. Altenkirch Ed.)

Visit the DBLP page for bibliographic information and list of contents.

Final revised and expanded versions of selected papers from TLCA 1997, 1999, 2003, and 2005 have appeared in special issues of Fundamenta Informaticae:

vol 33, Number 4, April 1998 (Guest Editor: Roger Hindley)
vol 45, Number 1-2, January 2001 (Editors: Jean-Yves Girard, Pawel Urzyczyn)
vol 65, Number 1-2, March 2005 (Editors: Martin Hofmann, Pawel Urzyczyn)
vol. 77 Number 4, June 2007 (Editors: Thorsten Altenkirch, Pawel Urzyczyn)

Selected papers of TLCA 2007 and TLCA 2009 appeared in special issues of Logical Methods in Computer Science.

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