While being in Poland


We want your onboarding experience to be smooth and organized. That is why we recommend you to come to Warsaw at least one or two weeks before you will start working at the faculty. This checklist is so you get a clear overview about what to expect and what to do during first days. Typically, you will be asked to check in personally in faculty HR office (2260 room, 1stfloor) upon arrival.

PESEL number is one of these things that you are going to need if you want to stay in Poland for longer than a few months, irrespective of being an EU citizen or not. You definitely will be asked to provide it in government offices and when you try to open a bank account in a Polish bank. When you try to register at your local doctor the PESEL number also needs to be provided (of course you can rely on the private healthcare or EHIC card if you are an EU citizen but it’s better to have options). Additionally, the PESEL number will be crucial when it comes to your work life. You can be hired without the PESEL number; however, the employer will need it at some point to fulfill their obligations of paying your insurance and taxes and they will need to have your PESEL number to do so. 

Here you can find information how to obtain PESEL number and download the PESEL number form (unfortunately it is available only in Polish). The legal basis for applying for the PESEL should be written in the form as follows: „Ustawa z dnia 24.09.2010 „O ewidencji ludności” z późniejszymi zmianami (Dz. U. z 2018 r. poz 1382, 1344 art. 7 ust 1. Pkt 3”

After filling out the PESEL number form you need to bring it to the local council that is assigned to the area that the company is registered in (Urząd Dizelnicy Ochota Grójecka street 17a). Obtaining the PESEL number is free, similarly to the registration of the address of stay in the local government office. It can take usually up to 30 days.

  • Set up a bank account. There are lot of banks on Grójecka street near by the Faculty. We recommend Millennium Bank to you because it is the bank where the University has its account and thanks to that you will receive your salary immediately.
  • Your diplomas and certificates have to be translated by a sworn translator into Polish language.
  • Plan one day for an obligatory medical examination in the Medical Centre on 10A Waryńskiego street or Krakowskie Przedmieście 24/26 (doctors and nurses speak English). Bring a picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) to confirm your identity and the referrals prepared by the Faculty staff. We can arrange a medical appointment for you if you let us know the day of your arrival to Warsaw. After doctor’s examination you will be given a certificate which is required to your file. Please, bring it with you to the HR office.
  • You have to get an obligatory occupational health and security training (OHS). It has to be done before the first day of employment and it lasts for about an hour. You will get an OHS training form from the faculty HR officer. The form has to be delivered to the OHS Inspectorate at 8 Oboźna Street (Main Campus, room 1, 2nd floor, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 to 12.00 a.m.), signed and stamped after obtaining the on-job training. After receiving a certificate confirming completion of OHS training, please bring it with you to the faculty HR office as it is required to your file.
  • Plan about half an hour for signing all the application forms, statements, regulations and information we need before getting the contract ready.