Installing VLP - Virtual Loglan Processor


Prior to compile and run Virtual LOGLAN Processor you should install the QT library qt-1.45.(You may consult the file "inst/LICENSE.QT" for more informations about the QT.
If your system does not contain the library qt-1.45 (nowadays most systems contains a newer, yet incompatible version of qt library)
Read the file
and follow the instructions contained there.


  1. Create an empty directory e.g. 
  2. Put the file
    in this directory.
  3. Extract the files executing  e.g
        gunzip vlp26.tgz
        tar -xvf vlp26.tar
  4.  First, you MUST edit the file "Dir" and set the proper directories:
    QINC - directory where the QT library includes are stored, usually, /usr/lib/qt-1.45/include
    QLIB - directory where you have your QT library, usually, /usr/lib/qt-1.45/lib
    MOCDIR - QT library has a special compiler named "moc", write the directory where this compiler is stored, usually, /usr/lib/qt-1.45/bin
    INSTALLDIR - directory where the Virtual LOGLAN Processor will be installed e.g.
  5.  Next, run the following:
    to configure source files, 
  6. execute
    to build VLP and 
  7. execute
        make install
    to install Virtual LOGLAN Processor.
  8. Now you should configure your "vlp.cfg" file which is stored in the instalation directory.  
    Assure that the variable node_number has different value on each computer you installed VLP.
    This is required to identify the nodes of virtual distributed Loglan multiprocessor. 
  9. WARNING! Variable "homedir" should point to the directory where you have program "logker" installed. This MUST be a full path !!!
    something like
  10. If everything went smoothly and your VLP works correctly you may wish to delete the directory