Brno — the fortress looks down onto the city

From the station I walk up the hill. And then even more uphill, along the steep park paths. I want to look at this city from above.

The Austrian fortress Špilberk looks down onto Brno. Once it was a cradle of this city, and the capital of the Moravian state, but then it was transformed into a fortress and the most terrible imperial prison, and it became a symbol of the rule of the great Austro-Hungarian state over this city. No wonder, it looks down onto it.

It looks onto the triangular (nomen omen) Liberty Square, the Old Town, New and Old City Hall, parks and further blocks of flats, local churches and even the Gothic cathedral, which, although standing on a considerable hill, does not avoid being looked down from the fortress.

Only what this look does not see is the details and curiosities of this city. Like the Havel Street, on which someone added the absurd “A vy jste kdo?”, which the next president, Vaclav Klaus, used to arrogantly say to his political opponents. Also like the 16th-century stuffed crocodile hanging in one of the city hall gates.

(September 2018)