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Cześć! Studiuję biotechnologie i w ramach zajęć z biologii systemów muszę wykonać następujące zadanie:

Download the paper for the model you reviewed during the session in December. Find the model in the biomodels database. Using Copasi:

BT.K reproduce as much as possible of analysis in the original paper, DSDI. Put the original figures side-by-side on the wiki; at least one of the figures must be a time course and the corresponding phase portrait, if they are not in the original paper, obtain them, and DSDI. Document the operating system you use, the software version(s), and the version(s) of the SBML file(s). If the default SBML file does not work with the software, document the fact, and document what other (older) versions you downloaded/used.(25p for each figure created and interpreted, up to 250p).

BT.L analyse the asymptotic behaviour of the system(s), and the basins of its/their attractors, DSDI (100p)

BT.M make a systematic analysis of the asymptotic behaviour by obtaining a bifurcation diagram, this requires a systematic sweep of the values of the bifurcation parameter, DSDI (100p)

BT.N calculate Lyapunov exponents for various regimes (=values of parameters that give various asymptotic behaviours), DSDI (100p)

BT.M. analyse if the system (especially in the chaotic regime) shows sensitive dependence on initial conditions. In other words, find out what happens when you slightly modify the initial conditions, DSDI (100p). For extra credit, start from exactly the same initial conditions but change the integration method (25p).

BI.E2. 25p for each subtask if you were the first to DSDI

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