Umbra: byte code and BML editor

Umbra is an Eclipse plugin to edit byte code programs in textual form combined with an editor for specifications in Bytecode Modeling Language (BML). The current version of the tool is 1.0 and it is still in alpha stage.

The whole package contains three elements:

  1. BCEL 5.1 - packaged as an Eclipse plugin,
  2. BmlLib - a library to manipulate BML specifications,
  3. Umbra - the editor itself.



A paper presenting the Umbra editor can be found here (PDF).

Case study

We have developed a small case study using the tools. The case study is reported here.


The Umbra editor together with all the necessary libraries can be found in its update site

The sources can be viewed and downloaded from the SVN repository:

  1. Umbra
  2. BmlLib


If you want to contact the authors of the tool, please send an email to Aleksy Schubert or Jacek Chrz±szcz.

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