FMT: summary

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Below is a summary of the course on Finite Model Theory, with links to relevant materials. Here is some more literature on the subject. Here are the exam topics.

18 February: introduction and computational complexity of FO
27 February: Fagin’s theorem
6 March: Fixed Point Logics: IFP, TCL
13 March: Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse games [Chapter 3 from Libkin’s book]
20 March: 0-1 laws [Chapter 12, Sections 1-3 from Libkin’s book]
27 March: Partial Fixed Point logic and the Abiteboul-Vianu theorem
3 April, 10 April: Gaifman and Hanf locality [Chapter 2, Sections 4,5 from the Ebbinghaus-Flum book]
17 April: Easter break
25 April: logics for PTime and the CFI construction
1 May: spring break
8 May: Logics for Ptime, canonisation and isomorphism
15 May: Conjunctive Queries – [see also chapter 5 from these lecture notes for the Theory of Databases]
22 May: Constraint Satisfaction Problems – basics and basics of the algebraic approach [see also chapters 1,2 from this exposition by Manuel Bodirsky]
29 May, 5 June: Computing with Acyclic Joins [chapter 6 from these lecture notes for the Theory of Databases]

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