List of Stanislaw Betley's papers:

S.Betley,   Lifting functors from F to P.
Preprint 2020.

S.Betley,   On Ext and HyperExt groups in the category of functors.
Preprint 2015.

S.Betley,   Riemann zeta via lambda rings.
Preprint 2015.

S.Betley,   Algebraic extension of an Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectrum in the category of ring spectra.
Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures 10(4) (2015) 971-984.

S.Betley,   Riemann zeta via the category of monoids.
Kodai Math. Journal 36(3) (2013) 487-490.

S.Betley,   Multiplicative maps from HZ to a ring spectrum R - a naive version.
Fundamenta Math. 216 (2012) 193-205.

S.Betley,   Some remarks on absolute mathematics.
Comm. Algebra. 38 (2010) 576-587.

S. Betley,   Algebraic K-theory of parameterized endomorphisms.
K-theory 36 (2005) 291-303.

J. Antosz, S. Betley,   Homological algebra in the category of \Gamma-modules.
Comm. Algebra. 33 (2005) 1913-1936.

S. Betley, C. Schlichtkrull,   The cyclotomic trace and curves on K-theory.
Topology 44 (2005) 845-874.

S. Betley,   Ext groups for the composition of functors.
Algebraic Topology: Categorical Decomposition Techniques. Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, Switzerland, Progress in Math. 215 (2003) 31-45.

S. Betley,   Twisted homology of symmetric groups.
Proc. of AMS 130 (2002) 3439-3445.

S. Betley, J. Slominska,   New approach to the groups H_*(S_n;Lie_n) by the homology theory of the category of functors.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 161 (2001) 31-43.

S. Betley,   Stable derived functors, the Steenrod algebra and homological algebra in the category of functors.
Fundamenta Math. 168 (2001) 279-293.

S. Betley,   Stable K-theory of finite fields.
K-theory 17 (1999) 103-111.

S. Betley,   On stable K-theory with twisted coefficients.
Proceedings of the Poznan K-theory Conference, Contemporary Math. 199 (1996) 19-29.

S. Betley,   Calculations in THH-theory.
Journal of Algebra 180 (1996) 445-458.

S. Betley, T. Pirashvili,   Stable K-theory as a derived functor.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 96 (1994) 245-258.

S. Betley, T. Pirashvili,   Twisted (co)homological stability for monoids of endomorphisms.
Math. Annalen 295 (1993) 709-720.

S. Betley,   On stable K-theory and topological Hochschild homology.
Comm. Math. Helvetici 67 (1992) 394-405.

S. Betley,   Generalized version of stable K-theory.
Topology Hawaii 1990, World Scientific Pub. Co. (1992) 27-33.

S. Betley,   Homology of Gl(R) with coefficients in a functor of finite degree.
Journal of Algebra 150 (1992) 73-86.

S. Betley,   Homological stability for O_{n,n} over semi local rings.
Glasgow Math. Journal 32 (1990) 255-259.

S. Betley,   Splitting theorem for homology of Gl(R).
Proc. of AMS 108 (1990) 297-302.

S. Betley,   Vanishing theorems for homology of Gl_n(R).
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 58 (1989) 213-226.

S. Betley,   Homological stability for O_{n,n} over a local ring.
Trans. of AMS 303 (1987) 413-429.

S. Betley,   Hyperbolic posets and homology stability for O_{n,n}.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 43 (1986) 1-9.

S. Betley,   On homotopy groups of A(X).
Proc. of AMS 98 (1986) 495-498.

S. Betley, J. Przytycki, T. Zukowski,   Hyperbolic structures on Dehn filing of some punctured torus bundles over S^1.
Kobe Journal of Math. 3 (1986) 117-147.

S. Betley,   Restriction homomorphism, generators and periodicity in cohomology of p-groups.
Bull. Pol. Acad. Sci. XXX (1982) 415-420.

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